Reflections of a middle-aged geek 2018-09-27T02:58:53Z Ahriman <![CDATA[Add MP3 support to Audacity on Fedora]]> 2016-08-12T20:54:08Z 2016-06-21T04:31:43Z No doubt that MP3 is the most popular audio format out there, so it’s only natural that most users expect that any software which deals with audio files has MP3 support built in. However not all MP3 patents have expired in some countries, therefore some Linux distributions don’t provide MP3 codecs out of the box ... [Read more...]

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Ahriman <![CDATA[PIA VPN: easily configure it on Fedora Linux]]> 2018-09-27T02:58:53Z 2016-02-17T05:26:44Z Update (2018-Sep-18): since I wrote this post in 2016, PIA has started offering a very similar script (here) that can be used to configure their VPN on Fedora. Although I try to keep this post up to date (still works up to Fedora 28!), you might want to use that one instead. Private Internet Access ... [Read more...]

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